It is vital that our communication with members should be of the highest order. And since we are an expanding Association, broadening our programme and recruiting new members, public relations is a hugely important area of operation. We are also keen to forge productive links with relevant institutions.

Our various formal means of communication…


The Website

This website is designed both for the general public and for our own members. It aims not only to describe who we are and what we do, but also to enact some of our services - such as the full diary of recitals.


The News Letter

We publish a Newsletter regularly every two months. This is our main traditional means of communication with members, giving detailed information about forthcoming meetings as well as reporting on past events. It also contains a number of items of news that may be of interest to our members. But the Newsletter is also a means of maintaining our contacts with other institutions: we send out a large number of complimentary copies to that end (and are pleased to receive some in return).


'News from WOA'

This series of email circulars ensures that members will never miss an event because of inadequate publicity: we always issues a reminder. Our email series also serves to pass on to members items of interest that come to our notice between Newsletters.



Our Facebook page, like our website, exists for members, potential members, and the interested general public. It is updated regularly. The 'sharing' and 'liking' systems enable us to inter-react with a huge range of individuals and institutions in the organ world.



As with Facebook, so with Twitter: a regular stream of relevant news, but not the same news as appears on our Facebook page, as our Twitter account - appropriately - has a different editor.